Berlin City Search-German, English, Chinese

RG Richardson City Guide Berlin City Search - German, English and Chinese Interactive City Guide Stop typing and start clicking on searches with over 3900 preset searches in the latest City Guides and Brochures from the author, R.G.Richardson and more coming every week. No more typing, just pick and click with over 3900 quick links …

Lovespoons – Gastro Obscura

Suitors in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia once professed their affections using a wooden spoon. This 17th-century courtship ritual allowed young men to demonstrate their woodworking craft while offering their beloved a useful, household tool. Should she accept, the spoon became a token of engagement. Source: Lovespoons - Gastro Obscura

Čarodějnice – Gastro Obscura

On April 30, people all over Czechia gather to play games, drink beer, roast burty sausages, and burn witch effigies at the stake. Čarodějnice is Czechia’s version of Walpurgis Night, celebrated across Northern and Central Europe. While Čarodějnice is observed throughout Czechia, the most happenin’ place to celebrate the festival is Ladronka Park in Prague, …


Getting confused these days or the word socialism...I have? What does socialism mean in simple terms today or what everybody seems to be using? Socialism is an economic system where the ways of making a living (factories, offices, etc.) are owned by a society as a whole, meaning the value made belongs to everyone in …

Economic Interactive Notes by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play

Economic Interactive Notes-interactive search guide. My first book on a series of Economic, Markets, Money and Banking for 2019. In 2015, R.G.Richardson started eComTechnology Publisher and now have authored, edited and published over 230 R.G.Richardson City Guides and Brochures. Source: Economic Interactive Notes by R.G.Richardson – Books on Google Play

First computer-generated genome could lead to custom synthetic lifeforms

Scientists have created the first fully computer-generated genome of a living organism. Named Caulobacter ethensis-2.0, it was built by simplifying the natural code of Caulobacter crescentus. The team says this is a huge step towards creating completely synthetic life and medicinal DNA molecules. Source: First computer-generated genome could lead to custom synthetic lifeforms

The Wild Carnival at the Heart of Skiing’s Most Dangerous Race | The New Yorker

The first time Wiley Maple encountered the Streif, the world’s most fearsome downhill, he was twenty-one years old. Typically, downhill racers take a couple of training runs in the days leading up to the event. Before each one, they inspect the course, which entails side-slipping down while visualizing the line that will deliver them to …